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Media Relations and Crisis Communications

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With today’s 24 hour news cycle (sometimes less), and the advent of social media in the political and public realm, many businesses and NGOs find themselves living in a new reality in terms of news, messaging, and crises. The news cycle is more unpredictable than ever, and many entities can get caught flat-footed when an unforeseen crisis emerges or a predicted crisis takes an unexpected turn.

APA helps clients survive and thrive in this new reality. Our deep experience dealing with message development, media relations, and crisis management gives us an intimate understanding of how to handle difficult situations. Clients rely on our team’s ability to quickly assist with complex communications efforts, either in a leadership or supporting role.

Our team is battle tested etc. We pride ourselves on high quality work product coupled with the speed needed to make or respond to news. We draft and execute communications plans, connect stakeholders to reporters, generate content for use in various media, and help clients prepare for public speaking, press conferences and other high pressure communications in the public realm.